How It Works

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dr. Hal is onstage, just as in the days when Chicken John hosted the show. But the venue is no longer either the Odeon Bar or the Chez Poulet Gallerie-Cabaret. And Chicken no longer acts as Ringmonster of the performance. In the present day, RadioValencia.FM’s John Hell assumes that role, though many others– Loop! Station’s Robin Coomer, performance artist Michael Peppe and a long list– have also essayed it since Ask Dr. Hal! and Chicken John shook hands and parted company. These days, ADH, as we call it, plays monthly at The Dark Room Theatre on San Francisco’s Mission St. between 19th and 20th– for FREE. So come in and see Dr. Hal, along with Pete Goldie, the work of KrOB and all the show’s traditional attractions. 10 PM to Midnight.
So, that’s it! It’s easy! No course of study is involved. No complicated machinery to buy. You don’t have to worry about coming up with something “clever” for the show, some trick question. Not at all! That’s his job. Out of the flax of audience questions, Dr. Hal is eternally on the spot to spin pure entertainment gold.

Can he do it? Well, watching him succeed– or fail –is the essence of the act.

He also recites long, obscure poems from memory (which some people like), predicts future events, psychoanalyzes, tells fortunes and (sometimes) sings. Fortunately, we provide a relief from all this with our Science segment from Pete “Doc” Goldie, our KrOBian “Eyenoise,” the mordant wit of John Hell and the multifold talents of our varying Guest Performers. But do not insult Herr Doktor with insipid trivia; Dr. Hal need not be burdened with facts you already know or wish to challenge him on… Nay. We shall save that for YOUR Q&A show. Ask of the sapient Doctor something you have always wondered about. Something you need to know. Something that has possibly been on your mind for a few decades.  This show is of an improvisational nature– please do your part.

Questions that Mr. Hell, or whoever, deems above average may be rewarded with a shot of Fernet. If you are given a shot of Fernet, the miracle liquor, you must come up on stage and drink it down. This won’t seem so terrible after you do it.

A gratuity placed in the envelope will insure that your question receives the respect it deserves (based on the amount). Commonly, one dollar gets you AN answer. A few dollars gets you a great answer. $5 gets you a masterful and poetic summary of the relevant information. $20 gets you one of Hal’s bardic recitations, which may even be relevant to the question. Any further generosity, needless to say, will be met with a proportionate response.

The side note is the only appropriate interruption, freely provided by any member of the audience who would like to add shading to an answer. We encourage the side note– and strongly discourage yelling your additional remarks or rebuttals. Please pen your side note and just hand it right up to John Hell. Just like that.

Then, there’s… the KrOB Moment. Just as illegal as everything else on the show. Actually, the KrOB Moment got us bounced from our last venue. Now you know.
Please do not get KROB stoned before the show.

Our computer maven Sherilyn Conelly will pick up roadkill from the information superhighway throughout the show for your delectation and amusement. And we benefit from The Dark Room’s comfortable seating and high-quality technological interface.
Still not sure about any of this? Just remember that this is our concept, evolved over fifteen hard-hitting years of ruthless entertainment.