March 27th, 2015

For those whose favorite part of the Ask Dr. Hal! Show is the “Bardic Recitations” so frequently offered there, this show may be what they’re looking for.

DURING THE RUN of Ask Dr. Hal! at Chez Poulet Gallery Cabaret (see new post), on April 15th (a Wednesday) Dr. Hal will take a break from the show by joining the ensemble cast of poets and musicians at his show’s quondam venue, Viracocha (998 Valencia Street at 21st).

DEPEND ON IT all lasting until at least 10:30 PM.

THE UNUSUAL TITLE of the show refers to the “braiding” of disparate acts into a becoming coiffure, as it were.

THE SHOW, HOSTED by poet-at-large Martin “Rusty Rebar” Hickel and musical performing favorite Karlyn DeSteno, will feature many other entertaining lights of the night scene.

musician — andrew blair — http://www.webecameowls.com/
poet — becky foust — http://www.rebeccafoust.com/
musican — karlyn desteno — http://www.karlyndesteno.com/
poet — martin hickel — http://facebook.com/rrebar
musician — datiko gee — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3_zpK6jniI
poet — blake more — http://www.snakelyone.com/
musician — cello joe — http://cellojoe.com/
poet — hal robins — http://www.askdrhal.com/ See More

Start time for the show will be 8:30 PM; doors to the club will be opened at 8:00 PM.

A VENUE FOR the spoken word and for less traditional musical forms is presented as an alternative to the band-heavy scheduling which now dominates the potential choices for recondite late-night entertainment.

ADMISSION to this performance is a most reasonable Ten dollars ($10).