ASK DR. HAL! is Coming Back Maybe For Good!

October 9th, 2008


Long –running Popular Show Finds New Venue at Avant Art Gallery

Watch for Announcements – October 29th is Kickoff Date

SAN FRANCISCO – October 5th — After nearly a year on hiatus, as financial institutions crumble worldwide, traditional venues experience a wave of closings and a worried public looks to new sources of entertainment, the award-winning (in the Bay Guardian) Question-and-answer Science Night Club Show, Ask Dr. Hal! promises a return.
In this month of October, 2008, on Wednesday, the 29th, two days before Hallowe’en, those in the know will be making their way to the prestigious 3359 Cesar Chavez (Army) St. location for the return of S.F.’s most recondite entertainment.

All-New Stage

Visitors to the gallery will be surprised at its most recent re-configuration, including the massive new, high-tech Ask Dr. Hal! stage and seating area. Scientifically constructed by a crew which includes at least one top-flight scientist, the stage is designed to survive earthquakes and other natural disasters. Construction is still ongoing, and sources say that yet uninstalled features are to include such amenities as shag carpeting and a “cage” for KrOB.

Old Favorites Return

Long-time fans of the show will be pleased to learn that its time-tested format will be, to all intents and purposes, unchanged; astronomer Pete Goldie and computer whiz David “Yo-yo King” Capurro will still enact their usual parts. And, of course, KrOB will be on the job, presiding over the Synchtron 3000TM  keyboard with his usual aplomb.
Multiple Monitor Screens
Among the newest technical innovations planned for this latest, ultimate version of Ask Dr. Hal!, a number of screens are planned to expand the video projection element which has heretofore distinguished these performances. Pre-show entertainment may include classic cartoons of yesteryear, previews of future KrOB’s Film Farm outings, and much, much more. During the show, the beloved KrOB “edits” from obscure Monster Movies will shine as never before.

Dinner Theater a Possibility

The best brains down at Chez Poulet are studying the possibility of serving a meal during the show. Nothing, but nothing is too good for our patrons.
B.Y.O.B. Recommended
A plethora of city codes and a mare’s nest of possible fines and zoning violations from a hyperactive, eager-beaver local government dictate our newest policy: where booze is concerned, audience members are encouraged to “bring their own.” Until certain pending legal issues are settled, no bar as such will be provided.

Every Wednesday Into Futurity!

The most novel aspect of plans for the revived show is that there is not now any closing date planned or decreed. That’s right! Now that we can book the show ourselves, in its own performance space, no drug-addled rock club owner can “suddenly” remember that a show date is pre-empted by an Electric Baboons concert, benefit or other more profitable enterprise. It will play on Wednesdays (time to be announced later—watch this space) and that is that. Consideration will be given to those who must catch the last B.A.R.T. train at 12:17 AM from the 24th St. Mission Station back to the wilds of the East Bay. Translation: We’ll be starting earlier.

How to Experience the Show Now

Ask Dr. Hal! is at this time available as a two-hour radio show on unaffiliated Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9 FM, Wednesday nights from 10PM to Midnight. Usually present in the studio are Dr. Hal, Pete Goldie and KrOB. Multiple mystery guests have also appeared.
An unlicensed, low-powered community radio station broadcasting on 87.9 megahertz to the San Francisco Bay Area, the Los Angeles basin and Berlin, Germany, PCR will proudly present a live transmission of the stage show from the 29th onward. For now, tune in, or play any of six weeks of archived show on streaming audio by going to and clicking on Ask Dr. Hal!