ASK DR. HAL! Invites YOU to support our Radio Ministry– by coming in to the station, and going on the show!

April 7th, 2014


                                  by Blently Squibb

On Friday, April 11th, YOU are invited to participate– on the Ask Dr. Hal! Radio Show– and help keep us on the air.

The only Ask Dr. Hal! Show this month, in fact, will be this fundraiser. Purpose: to raise the dues to keep our radio show going on RadioValencia.FM in San Francisco. Periodically, it’s necessary to do this, and the hour has rolled around. For fans, this is an opportunity to visit our Radio Ministry in person, to Ask Dr. Hal on the air and have your question and his response transmitted as part of our historic, outgoing Podcast, known locally, nationally and even internationally!

Here’s how it works: come to a special location (NOT The Dark Room) –the Trucker’s Chapel — 2390 Mission Street, Suite 302, any time during our regular showtime slot, 10 PM to 1:00 AM.

Admission Ten Dollars ($10) or whatever you can give– it’s a fundraiser, after all — a sliding scale will be in effect, so no one will be turned away. This is a party and we’d like you to be there!

Also featuring: Pete Goldie’s Space Science Report!

KrOB’s Visual Vortices!

Nose Hair Lint Gland’s Sherilyn Connelly’s Internet Interpretations of Dr. Hal’s explanations!

Spy Emerson in full performance mode!

Poet-at-Large Rusty Rebar on hand for recitals!

Hosted by ADH’s fabulous Dr. Fiasco!

With plenty of other performers and Radio Stars– including you!

Come in and mingle with the ultimate elite– the recondite fans and supporters of Ask Dr. Hal!

Come one, come all. The only Ask Dr. Hal! Show this month. Keep us going. Send PayPal Donations to Radio Valencia.FM (specify for the Ask Dr. Hal! Show). Or donate in person as you become a Voice on the Show!

At The Trucker’s Chapel, 2390 Mission Street at 20th, door on 20th St. side. There will be ADH personnel present at the gate to make sure you (and not some clueless riff-raff) get into the otherwise empty building. They’ll see that you take our charming, antique elevator to the Third Floor and proceed to sweet, sweet Suite 302…

View KrOB’s projections, including cartoons and monster movies…

Meet your fellow enthusiasts– mingle, network and socialize. The Event of the Season, bar none.

And at any time (such is the nature of the Podcast) listen to the whole Megilla– on RadioValencia.FM!