ASK DR. HAL! Hits Like Multi-Megaton Blast June 21st at The Dark Room

June 13th, 2013


The Ask Dr. Hal! Show returns to The Dark Room theatre, 2263 Mission Street, once again FREE of charge to the public.

Among the many dazzling show turns to be experienced at this performance will be that of SPY EMERSON, who will display a new facet of her talent by performing two all-original vignettes, one to open the presentation and one during.  [Our next show, following this one, may include KELEK STEVENSON, Extra Action Marching Band Flag Team member, dancer extraordinaire, artificer and fabricator. Due to a scheduling conflict Kelek will be in New York on the 21st and unable to appear as originally planned. Her upcoming act with ADH will be a live musical performance.] Grand Monster JOHN HELL will preside from the premium Podium, KrOB will provide Eyenoise, Monster Clips and a riotous Cartoon. I.T. Hee Hee will be the contribution of The Dark Room’s Sherilyn Conelly, and RUSTY REBAR will invoke the Muses with yet another form of musical accompaniment in situ.

And that’s hardly all– many Special Guests and Surprises will appear on the bill. Come one, come all. Don’t miss PETE GOLDIE’S latest news from the inky depths of Outer Space! And– let Dr. Hal answer your questions as only he can.

Doors open after the Dark Room’s regular show, The Twilight Zone, is concluded, at 9:45 PM. Show starts around 10:00 PM. If you’re not at Chicken’s Camp Tipsy, YOU SHOULD BE HERE.

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