March 20th, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – The latest iteration of the Ask Dr. Hal! Show comes roaring into March like the proverbial Lion. We have an exciting talent, a quondam sensation on our show (and long-term fans will certainly remember him)– let’s call him Naught Lad, from New York City. We’ll also have Information Retrieval by our own Inside Man in the rough-and-tumble political arena,  Earl Yazel. We have the redoubtable Dr. Fiasco at the helm (DJ Jazzbo Jaunty John Hell is sitting this one out). We have cartoons, Monsters and the omnipresent ambiance of KrOB. Hard Science,with special reference to the starry cosmos and the space-time continuum is and shall be the province and purview of Boffo Boffin Pete Goldie. We have Dr. Hal’s eponymous circumloquatious ruminations and answers to your lucre-sponsored submitted questions. All in all, we have an intellectual salon for the recondite theatregoer and night club habitué. To that we add the Anodyne of Lyric Poetry and the Analgesic of Comedy as prophylaxis against ennui and the daunting impediments within the Human Condition. AND, we have a swell-looking babe, the incomparable Kellita, who will dance enticingly– until all her clothes are lying on the floor. Oh, boy! Then, with a blush, a wink and a wave, her unclad form will flit, a retreating porcelain nymph in a hurry, to the dressing room. We’re going to need a volunteer to pick up her clothes and bring them to her. We’re sure those details will be easy enough to work out. In short, a memorable evening.                                       All this and more will happen at The Dark Room on Saturday night.
For Dark Room Information, call (415) 401-7987.
Ask Dr. Hal! is BACK– this March 22nd,
at The Dark Room Theatre– 2263 Mission Street–
10:00 PM– Doors open for this show at 9:45 PM.
Admission: $5! (A mere Trifle.)   Enjoy an Array of Delicious Theater Candy and Snacks.
Professional Acoustics, Sound, Lighting Design. Tiered Seating. Two Bathrooms– No Waiting.
Friendly. Familiar. A Home Away from Home. Good-Natured Dog and Cat on Premises. Near
the Beauty Bar. Take Muni’s 14 Mission or 47 Van Ness. Close to B.A.R.T.  Give us a try!