ASK DR. HAL! Ends with a BANG!

August 17th, 2009

                       A D V E R T I S E M E N T

“…I was BLOWN AWAY! WHY didn’t I hear about this BEFORE?”
                                                                               — Jilly Taylor, student
                  “OMG, KrOB Rawks! He can have my baby!”
                                                                        — Melissa “Gulp” Meriand
                                         “He [Dr. Hal] talks too much.”
                                                                                       –Doug Wellman
T H E    C O N C L U D I N G
               “Ask Dr. Hal! 3.0:
Conversations with Dr. Hal!”
                   FINAL APPEARANCE AT
  2263 Mission St. San Francisco, California                                           [Near Mission & 19th Sts.]
            OF THE 16th ST. B.A.R.T. STATION ON MISSION…
 WEDNESDAY, August 19th!                    THE THIRD WEDNESDAY IN AUGUST…
           TEN P.M. SHARP!                          

        The Dr. Hal Report
Vol. XI No. 3

And thrice he routed all his Foes, and thrice he slew the Slain..
                                                                                               — Dryden [1631-1700]
                                                                                            Alexander’s Feast (1697)

                     Chicken Joan-Jane!
========== Sultry Siamese Twins! ================
    –Channeled For this Exclusive Engagement by
     Danny Girl &  Katy Bell!
We’re still waiting for Chicken John to ask us back to Chez Poulet, which still may be this
September (see News, below) but for the time being the plan is that the present run of our
show will conclude in keeping with our tradition of being hosted by a rotating series of
“Chickens,” or “Mock Chickens,” if you will. Last week, for example, the coveted rôle of
Chicken was superbly enacted by bon vivant Geoffrey Smart, an over-all high point of our
oft-bedeviled run. But now, in the great convention of Showmanship– wherein it has
always been our expressed duty to abide– our ultimate host(s) will provide the absolute
acme of entertainment value. The hybrid creature, or creatures, Chicken Jane-Joan, will
ride herd on Ask Dr. Hal! in a manner never seen before on this, or any other stage!
Delicately conjoined by a single moustache, the teratologically fabulous distaff duo will
mete out justice in this, our final offering before the public. Never before has the Ask Dr.
Hal! Show risen to these heights, and we confidently assure our friends and faithful fans
that this is one experience unlikely to be repeated. Come one, come all. Beware the
flashing eyes that hypnotize! Do you dare the stare of the stash-linked pair? Come and find
out, old trout.

Popeye Meets Sindbad (1936)
Another in our series of
the best American cartoons!
Lovingly selected–by KrOB…
Everybody who’s a fan of this great cartoon calls it that, but the real title is Popeye the Sailor
Meets Sindbad the Sailor. We’ve shown a bunch of cartoons at ADH by now, including a few by
the Fleischer Studio, but until now, no Popeye. We’re making up for that by exhibiting one of
the best, if not the best, of this fabulous series. This is quite a picture– it’s 16 minutes long
(most cartoons run about seven), a “two-reeler.” It was produced in Technicolor (so the color
still looks good) and was released on November 27th (which is the day before Dr. Hal’s birthday) by
Paramount, the Fleischers’ parent studio. It’s full of incredible invention– monsters, landscapes
(using the Fleischers’ patented Stereoptical 3-D process) and fast-paced gags. Popeye’s vocals
are done by Jack Mercer, the familiar “Popeye voice” that all other interpreters of the rôle have
only imitated. Mercer’s Popeye was often characterized by subvocalizing, a continuous stream of
muttered “asides” (you don’t see his lips moving during these) which frequently include the funniest
lines (extemporized by Mercer) in the picture. Olive Oyl is voiced by Mae Questel, who also did
Betty Boop. Bluto (Sindbad) is done by Gus Wickie. The difficult-to-understand songs, and the
musical supervision generally of the Studio’s musicians are by Sammy Timberg, the Fleischers’
music guy. This was the first of the three Popeye Color Specials, each three times as long as a
regular Popeye cartoon, and were often billed in theaters alongside or above the main feature.
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor was nominated for an Academy Award (though sadly
it lost to a Disney cartoon that year, the Silly Symphony The Country Cousin. But this cartoon has
been enormously influential and is considered the best of the three supercartoons the Studio made
at the height of its power (before World War II, when the brothers lost control and Fleischer then
became Famous Studios). One influence it had was on special effects artist and auteur Raymond F.
Harryhausen, partially inspiring him, 22 years later, to  make The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.  Popeye
the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor has been deemed “culturally significant” by the United States
Library of Congress, and selected for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry. In 1994, the
film was voted #17 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of All Time by members of the animation field. We
know that as it begins our show you’ll like it, too.
“Who’s that most remarkable, extra-special kind of fel-low?”
“Youse– Sin-lous-y Sail-orrr!”

Also with…
“Improbable Monster Fracas!”
Another KrOB Klassic from the Master’s Bottomless Well of Inspiration. SEE the battle
to the death between towering, Satyr-leggéd Cyclops and Fire-breathing Dragon! GASP
as the Giant Arrow pierces the rampaging monster’s warty, scaly hide! WEEP at the
death-agonies of the coiling colossus! CHEER as all-seeing KrOB then, piling Pelion on
Ossa, exhibits the metempsychosis of the serpentine sufferer into an even-more-exotic
incarnation! Folks, we kid you not, this is another one of those things we guarantee will
not be shown, cannot be shown, anywhere other than our Ask Dr. Hal! Stage. The Genesis
of the Eastern Dragon. Something mystics and seers throughout Man’s long, tortuous
history would have gladly given their left testicle– or the equivalent– to see, may here be
casually viewed by our popcorn-munching audience for an insignificant  trifle of an alluring
admission price– along with the entire remainder of our show! If that’s not an all-time bargain,
Pilgrim, we’ll eat our Fez. Scientific! Educational! View it all on our (somewhat) Giant Screen.
(We’ll get out of the way.) It’s just one small fractal fragment of the totality to be experienced
at our unique and well-travelled night club show; once more we bring it to an outré but receptive
audience. Not for the closed-minded. Fully narrated by Dr. Hal.

INTELLECTION? Questions answered, concerns addressed– a personal Ministry. Come and see for
yourself. Bardic Episodes remain an unavoidable side effect. Private consultations available. No
refunds. Donate to Dr. Hal’s Plastic Dinosaur Fund.

Read the latest hard-hitting interview with Dr. Hal on Laughing Squid’s Blog:


What can one say… his vision is unique… he accepts no compromises… the girls love him…
without him, we’re nothing… KrOB surfs the waves of principal co-expressibility with a
master’s touch, titillating and teasing the ear and eye with an ever-new, evolving synthesis
of elements drawn from the bottomless whirlpool of popular culture. And, he’s got one hell
of a sense of humor. Sometimes he wears a teeny beanie, sometimes a brown crown…
Praise “Bob”– KrOB will soon lob a blob of “Eyenoise” your way!

Yes, Frank is back! And we’ve got him! (Or perhaps we just think we do. After all, he hasn’t
shown up for the last two shows. That’s what he does when we do see him– he just shows
up, never at the same time. Still, more often than not, the Emperor Norton of our own time
appears at our show to deliver his Message!) Frank Chu (born March 24th, 1960) has been
holding street protests against former U.S. Presidents, corporations and most centrally the
vast extraterrestrial cabal of the 12 Galaxies in San Francisco and nearby locales, since at
least 1995.
Mr. Chu lives in Oakland and commutes daily to San Francisco where he makes his living
through a combination of state aid, sign sponsorships, and small donations from his  many
followers and supporters. His ideology of Zegnotronics holds former president William
Jefferson “Bill” Clinton responsible for directing the CIA to withhold payment to him for
his esoteric services during the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush. His protests
very frequently call for Clinton’s impeachment even to this day. And in fact, the notorious Bill
Clinton and various other presidents are frequently accused by Chu, who claims allegiance
with the Republican Party, of cooperating with the 12 Galaxies to commit foul crimes and
treason. Chu is strongly interested in television reporters and newscasters, whom he
cultivates to bring him the publicity he requires to inform the world of the injustices committed
against him. He hopes that once started, this wave of publicity will cause a public outcry,
resulting in the retroactive impeachments of all culpable living former U.S. Presidents and the
awarding (to Mr. Chu) of $20 billion dollars to compensate for all damages he and his family
have suffered. According to Mr. Chu, this is what certain California Correctional Officers who
were really movie stars, who were really KGB agents, told him, via an advanced form of mental
Indeed, another of Mr. Chu’s Zegnotronic revelations is the one that nearly all movie stars
have the ability to use ESP. Frank, who has never visited another Galaxy, does not, it should
be stressed, lay claim to a personal extraterrestrial origin, as some have falsely claimed. A
participant by proxy in an aeons-old intergalactic conflict, however, he receives knowledge
of them with his extra-sensory perception, transmitted from, among others, various former
Soviet ex-presidents and KGB agents, both alive and necromantically resurrected. On the
other side, (the cosmic Quisling) Clinton, his wife Hillary (now U.S. Secretary of State) and
even their grown daughter Chelsea are “guiltied,” according to Frank, by virtue (or vice) of having
been in collusion with the 12 Galaxies nearest in proximity to our own Galaxy, the so-called
Milky Way, while Frank continues against them in the struggle, aided by the Zegnotronic
Galaxy, 120 (!) galaxies distant– but behind Frank for all time. We will always welcome
Frank Chu and hope you’ll continue to see him at Ask Dr. Hal!
See him right now, if you want to, in the Puzzling Evidence video clip of our February 25th
show (Part 2) by clicking on the link you’ll find down there in the Monstrous Column of
URLs at the bottom of The Dr. Hal Report…

Astronomer Pete Goldie each week brings us new discoveries in Space Science and the cosmos. He’s
surely willing to give us the latest on Saturn, his favorite Gas Giant planet, and show us an enormous file
of close-ups of its rings and shepherd moons. That’s why you can bet the farm that he’ll at least say
something about one of that world’s most mysterious and unusual moons– Titan. Because now this moon,
one of the strangest objects in the entire blesséd Solar System (excluding the very strangest, our own
world), is showing unexpected bursts of dense storm clouds over its arid equator– behaving very much, in
fact, as storms do over the desert regions of Earth. Yes, the unexplained cloud formations have injected
what one astronomer called an “explosion of energy” into Titan’s garishly orange-tinted atmosphere,
creating yet more clouds over the moon’s South Pole, and dense rain storms that are surely filling all the
dry lake beds and deeply carven stream channels with… well, with some sort of liquid that’s nothing at
all like water. Probably methane, eh, Pete? Of course on Earth methane emerges from both ends of
cows, becoming a major greenhouse gas that aggravates global warming, but out there on more-than-
frigid Titan, it takes the form of liquid or solid ice. That gas is just a small component of Titan’s intriguing
nitrogen-dominated atmosphere, where it helps create a thick layer of reddish smog above the surface–
like the smog over L.A.– but much, much thicker. And what a surprise all this cloud-forming activity is,
since Titan’s equatorial desert regions, where giant scoriac cliffs and mountain ranges have risen over
literally billions of years, are so all-fired dry that scientists until now would have resoundingly declared that
clouds of any kind are, simply, impossible. So ask Pete– ask him! –why all this is happening in
defiance of Titan’s mean temperature of around 300 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit), how it relates to
the moon’s so-called cryovolcanoes, which spew forth frozen ammonia, methane and water– not lava.
Get him to admit the real reason the famed Cassini Robot Spacecraft, which has been orbiting Saturn
for five years as we’ve been doing this show, continues its observations of Titan. We’ll wager the key
lies under the orange-ish albedo, where it boasts a landscape eerily like ours and the signature of
abundant complex organic chemicals! That’s Science for you– as Pete can explain. He does it all with
sardonic humor, dry wit and rhetorical flair. Some people’s favorite part of the show. We kid you not.
He ends by displaying the latest picture– sometimes of stunning wife Sarah– always of his daughter, Daria.
Wotta show-off…

Yes, bring your own. That segment of ol’ Mission St. is infested with nearby low-rent liquor stores.
We’re hardly “teetotalers” at Ask Dr. Hal! — far from it. But we’re forced to acknowledge– check out
recent headlines– that there is now an ongoing, wide-ranging crusade from Mayor Newsom and his
apparatchiks, but mostly from the rampaging ABC– the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage
Control. Prohibition never ended for these guys, who closed down our last great venue, the J.R.
“Bob” Dobbs Memorial Hall at S.P.A.C.E. — just because they could. They see their mission, in fact,
as one to close down all night spots and evening venues of “unapproved” entertainment whose
sponsors have been unequal to surmounting a labyrinthine “permit process–” and in forking over the
more than hefty “fees” the militant social-engineering “goo-goos” have  lately imposed.
So, without any disrespect to old John Barleycorn, for the time being, at least, just to keep
from causing any troubles for our new hosts, there won’t be any booze for sale, OK? It’s OK to drink,
please understand (provided you can hold your liquor) but BRING YOUR OWN. We encourage you to.
Of course, good questions will still be rewarded in the traditional Ask Dr. Hal! manner– with that old
standby, Fernet Branca, TM –the famed “Miracle Liquor.” That’s how Paul Pot and David “Cappy”
Capurro have traditionally done it– and that’s the one way you can still get a drink at Ask Dr. Hal!
But– Jesus, Mary and Joseph! –does that stuff taste awful.

Visit for more information than you need.

In a recent communication, Grand Ringmonster “Chicken” John Rinaldi has proposed that the Ask Dr.
Hal! show start again at Chez Poulet on Fridays, beginning September 11th or 18th, and continue it all
until such time as he… decides to do something else. The returning show, according to former S.F.
Mayoral candidate Mr. Rinaldi, would start at 9:00, with 1/2 hour of “pre-show whatever,” and the main
body of the show for the remaining hour, under this plan. Tyler, our once and future Technical Director, is
to be tapped to be the “sound guy” and to record and edit video. Those who prefer the show take place
only at this venue should be pleased– if, that is, mercurial Chicken refrains from changing his plans at the
last minute, once again…
S.P.A.C.E., the locus of the much-loved room where the Ask Dr. Hal! Show had so many enjoyable recent
performances, was raided and closed down by a rampaging, out-of control Alcoholic Beverage Commission
(ABC) in early July. The entirely misguided and vicious official “War on Fun” continues in S.F. Now S.P.A.C.E.
and its beleaguered director Skot Kuiper face a criminal record and disproportionately enormous fine from the
bullying agency. The crime? Attempting to host a fund-raiser and allowing alcohol sales on the premises.
S.P.A.C.E. joins many other sufferers from bureaucratic overreaction, including Bottom of the Hill, Cafe du
Nord, DNA Lounge, Glas Kat, the Great American Music Hall, Slim’s and now the Mission Hill Saloon, where
Paul de Jong’s Kareoke Nights are the most recent victim. Read about it at and visit
the site to join, donate and learn whom to e-mail. Let your state and local officials know that you want to
protect live entertainment and that you want effective citizen oversight for the ABC. This is no laughing matter
if you think it at all important, as we do, to preserve and protect live music and entertainment in California.
during a time of economic downturn and potential societal degradation. While Californians everywhere could use
a lift, the ABC has decided to step up harassment of bars, clubs, dance halls and live venues of all types.
Remember, these clubs have simply been attempting to present entertainment to all-ages audiences.
To donate to Skot Kuiper of S.P.A.C.E., who is confronting ruinously expensive legal proceedings, send your
contributions to 354 5th St., San Francisco 94107.
The home of S.F.’s FCC Free Radio studio, S.P.A.C.E. has other studios currently available at reasonable
(bargain) rates. The building is conveniently located to BART and public transportation and offers a multitude of
advantages. Contact Skot if interested (and renting these two studios would help his financial challenges) at
The studios available are $395 and $495 monthly. “They are work-only creative spaces,” Skot tells us, “and open
to many interpretations of how that’s utilized.”

Gad-about Geoffrey Smart ably helmed ADH’s penultimate offering, coolly ignoring the Jonas-Brothers-
concert-like screaming from the besotted, writhing female half of the krowd… Ignoring or immune to Dr. Hal’s
fading fascination, the heaving herd of writhing frails & flappers screeched & swooned as the Limey Lothario
brought all his suave charmz to bear… We knew he was rite for th’ part, but who knew they’d like the host th’
most? Another Bitter Pill t’ swaller; ‘nother day, ‘nother dollar… Speaking of which, the envelopes were never so
lite… not mucho gelt in sight…a rest room token and a few fickle nickels… a few fives and ones, and it hardly even
tickles… not a good nite for pore ole Dr. Hal in the Exchequer; he’d’ve had better luck as a Mission St. beggar…
Ah, but the Soul Wallet was full, as we bombarded the fans with high-caliber heavy entertainment– some of
KrOB’s most kompelling kreations unspooled on th’ Big Screen & despairing Dr. Hal nonetheless hit new high
heights… We took ’em thru billions of years of cosmic time– & that wuz just Papa Pete Goldie’s intro segment!
Naw, we kid Pete Goldie… his astro-flights are never moldy… Patriot Pete wasn’t about to let gentlemanly Geoff
forget the American Revolution, stirring up the crowd’s fervor fer Columbia… Ackshully, ’twas the KrOB Klip that
took th’ proverbial cake as spontaneous applause busted out at th’ corn-clusion. Delectable Dawn Stott said it was
the best. show. ever. –and she oughtta know; she’s been there for most of ’em… Also pleasantly present: darling
Danny Girl & metro Maenad krush-proof Katy Bell… If ye missed ’em that week, they’ll sure top the topper this wk.
when they host our last, biggest & best ADH show of the Summer Season… Other utter beauties included curvy
Claire Mack, who’d hurt her back but wuz back on track, heavenly Helen & the honey-sweet Holy Hemptress, once
& future temptress… Then there wuz juniper-fresh Jessy Roadkill, Dr. Hal’s co-emcee @ Amnesia’s recent Holla
Folly Burlesque Show, a gig that anyone’d dig– tho’ that watering hole gets wholly watered with the sweat that
pours in rivers from the pores of th’ krammed-in krowd, some of us get to hang in the dressing room and help the
curvaceous chorus girls outta distress, and dat dress, or just sprawl there and observe the Beauties of Nature,
while they shed their maidenly modesty & exhibitionist inhibitions like somenny pluck’d Pigeons… Of course
we’re squeeking of peripatetic Puzzling Evidence, the manly moustache who documents our show (see below)
from the front row… pertinacious P.E. also chilled behind the scenes & took in the va-va view– & you’ll soon find
he’s gone & captured the frolicsome Amnesia scene for You Tube– check out Puz-Ev TV before long, if we’re not
wrong… that’s one bounding hound who gets around… And back in th’ Ask Dr. Hal! Corral, we also noted case-
hardened Casey Cripe, joyful Juniper Hill, jaunty Jason, punchy Perry Still, still punching, hot Chica Cucaracha
Consuela Revolta, & bumptious Barry… Buff Big Frank hot-dogged it over to th’ Dark Room to take in the show,
complaining of a powerful Pete Goldie overdose but gamely staying (almost) to th’ end… Red-blooded Rory also
showed his phiz but dissed paideutic Pete’s prezentation… ‘t’s not for everybody… Frantic Frank Chillamos really
did wanna know what Dr. Hal intends when his dinosaur friends return via Frankenengineering– how endearing…
Jocund Jim Fourniadis and enchanting Erin kept the house, & thanx for carin’… Sizzlin’ Spy & merry-Andrew Moses
reappeared to teach us all their version of Etiquette– mauvaise honte Miss Manners can relax, tho’ –her job’s safe…
Well, next week is the peak, boys & girls. That last blast of ours is one you won’t wanna miss… ’nuff said. But…
Frank Chu– where were you?

Did you know you can watch some of the show right this minute? Well, thanx to Puzzling
Evidence, you can! Go ahead– scope out a few of the hi-lites from previous episodes of Ask Dr. Hal!
–on You Tube! It’s easy! It’s fun! It’s time-consuming! And it’s technologically au courant, and absolutely
the next best thing to being there in person! You need to visit his wonderful site, with rare video of the
Lost Galleon La Contessa and many wonders unrelated to our show, as well as our stuff from the links
below. How? How, you say? You do? Why are you talking to your computer? Go ahead– just click,
clickety-click, on these handy URLs. Remember, if it won’t play, try watching in High Quality…

Our first show at The Dark Room begins– Jim Fourniadis brings on Pete Goldie August 5th (Pt. 1):

Then Dr. Hal swings into action as we discuss Zombie vs. Robot Apocalypses August 5th (Pt. 2):

Paper or Plastic? is the query, and we come out strongly for Hemp for Victory August 5th (Pt. 3):

We plug Bad Movie Night at The Dark Room and travel into a theory of aesthetics August 5th (Pt. 4):

Lesbian Vampire Poetry? Well, we had to conclude August 5th with something good, since someone
gave us 20 bucks! Pt. 5):

Michael Peppe hosts ADH with flair and élan– watch his amazing performance piece starting us
off on June 24th (Pt. 1):

Watch Pete Goldie teleport into his seat after Peppe brings him on– and launch into his Science
Spectacular about the coming Moon Strike (on October 5th at 7:30 PM), back on June 24th (Pt. 2):

Farther into space with Pete Goldie at S.P.A.C.E. June 24th (Pt. 3):

Dr. Hal is prevailed upon to tell the harrowing Michael Peppe Heart Attack Story for a handsome
premium on June 24th (Pt. 4):

Who’s tougher– Jesus or Superman? An aroused public demands (and gets) the answer June 24th
(Pt. 5):

Then (oh, boy!) lovely, lovely Claire Mack and Jessy Roadkill mount the stage (at last!) and do their
stuff, that superb night on June 24th (Pt. 6):

The two beauties continue their musical mastery on our ADH stage, singing of whiskey on June 24th
(Pt. 7):

Kelek Stevenson opens for us– she even has a beautiful voice, as it turns out. And, with Dave
Evans’s help, she plucks your heartstrings– along with those of America’s only native instrument–
on June 10th (Pt. 1):

More of Kelek is always a good idea, as you can see and hear from June 10th (Pt. 2):

Pete Goldie takes us up, above and beyond, during his Space Report on June 10th (Pt. 3):

Pete and ADH 2.0 host John Hell continue the bumptious badinage June 10th (Pt. 4):

Dr. Hal speaks (floridly) of Devils and Damsels, assisted by Edward Fitzgerald and Omar
Khayyam, John Hell, KrOB and the gas-house gang. Who invented the spoon? Can you
stop a bullet with your mind? And so trended ADH 2.0 on June 10th (Pt. 5):

Now it’s time for the KrOB Moment which concerns itself with the Coming of the Robots, on
June 10th (Pt. 6):

“A rat crept softly through the vegetation…” And so closes ADH 2.0: CWDH on June 10th (Pt. 7):

Jarico Reesce brings on Pete Goldie to begin the show on June 3rd, but Frank Chu has other
ideas– very familiar ideas indeed, as it turns out (Pt. 1):

Jarico introduces a dummy as well as Dr. Hal, who tells of the far-future continent Zothique on
June 3rd (Pt. 2):

“What are you, Hal?” is answered, and why coming back from the dead is not fun on June 3rd
(Pt. 3):

But Jarico bungles poor, patient Barbara Fried’s question on dating in San Francisco, prompting
an answer which fails to satisfy– c’est la guerre as always on May 13th (Pt. 4):

Guest host Jascha Ephraim strokes Pete Goldie for a job and a grout report when we begin
our second show in May– May 13th, that is (Pt. 1):

Then Dr. Hal recites Frost’s Acquainted With the Night as we get going in earnest on May 13th,
as you can see by clicking on this (Pt. 2):

What colors may dinosaurs have been are suggested by Dr. Hal, as questions fly thick and fast
May 13th (Pt. 3):

Dr. Philo Drummond drags the show to a crawl (intentionally?) as he becomes “Chicken” on
May 6th– then, the Rules change drastically (Pt. 1):

Now Philo brings in Eric Cash as a faux Pete Goldie. What next on May 6th? (Pt. 2):

Philo shows his true colors in bravo style as he catches the rhythm on May 6th (Pt. 3):

But then a contentious young lady makes a serious effort to kill the show, while Philo
sits idly by. Michael Peppe never saw the advertised 3-D, but gets to drink Fernet– on
us– all on May 6th (Pt. 4):

After the distaff disruptor finally ceases tormenting Dr. Hal, he explains The Mystery of
the Fez. Still May 6th (Pt. 5):

The show concludes with Coleridge’s Frost at Midnight, at 12 AM on May 6th (Pt. 6):

Robin Coomer is our first “Chicken” as our first show begins outside the sealed fortress of
Chez Poulet, the night of April 29th (Pt. 1). What is Time, to a Photon?:

In the near-darkness of the Bluesix Acoustic Room, Dr. Hal recites for the first time away from
Chez Poulet on our April 29th show (Pt. 2):

Dr. Hal answers the question: What is the Frequency? Robin presiding on April 29th (Pt. 3):

The closing recitation on April 29th is The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes (Pt. 4):

Pete Goldie dilates on the latest from Mars, starting us up on April 22nd. And then the Hillbillies’
clandestine Meth Lab explodes, heralding their exodus (Pt. 1):

Dinosaurs with two brains? Get the real scoop from the show on April 22nd, commencing with
a recitation from Drayton by Dr. Hal. Our last show at Chez Poulet (Pt. 2):

Wonder Woman’s BDSM activities are briefly discussed on April 22nd (Pt. 3):

Sean Kelly interprets Dr. Hal’s words with physical movement that night of April 22nd (Pt. 4):

Zero Boy takes us all to Coney Island in a tour-de-force performance beginning our April 8th show
(Pt. 1):

We’re still at Coney Island with Zero Boy and wouldn’t it be great to stay there? April 8th (Pt. 2):

An astounding ride through space to rendezvous with an icy comet, courtesy of Pete Goldie
keeps us rolling on April 8th (Pt. 3):

It’s Mayor Gavin Newsom! No, really! Everyone guest stars on April 8th Frank Chu included (Pt. 4):

The Abstruse Realm of Mathematicks is challenged in verse ex tempore (Pt. 5):

Robin Coomer scores a date with the (unfairly lucky) Magic 8-Ball on April 8th’s crowded evening.
Zero Boy brings home the audio bacon (Pt. 6):

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock closes our April 8th show (Pt. 7):

St. Stupid’s Day night and this was Ask Dr. Hal! (April 1st) The first part, with more soon to follow
(keep checking here!) from Puzz-Ev:

Pete Goldie describes the toilet on the International Space Station and its problems in our April 1st
show (Pt. 2):

Sex advice of a most esoteric character is solicited– and received, the night of April 1st (Pt. 3):

Eric McFadden sings The “Edgar Allen Poe-lka” and “Carnival Town!” A treat from our April 1st
extravaganza (Pt. 4):

NOT FROM ASK DR. HAL! –But you will certainly want to see the PUZZ-EV VIDEO RECORD of the
recent STARS & GARTERS Show at Amnesia March 29th, which did feature the talents of KrOB & Dr.
Hal! First, SEE Big Ben Burke sing with shapely Jessy Roadkill, host Leon Redbone, Unicorn and the
Bartender who hammered a sharpened butter knife up his nose… (Pt. 1):

The William Tell Routine is featured, at the end of which, gorgeous Jessy Face is stripped before all
via stage magic, leaving her adorned only in her blushes– and a few insignificant decorations. You
may want to watch this one more than once, Gentlemen– we find it endlessly refreshing. Burke’s Ode
to a Brass Bikini, Feats of Strength, Lovely Linda Robertson, Roadkill & Mack are also back for more
sexy clowning… what’s not to like? (Pt. 1.1):

Then, Ravishing Roadkill & Curvaceous Claire Mack practice more All-Woman Feats of Stength! And
then they rock out! Oh… my… God… YEAH! Too bad if you missed that STARS & GARTERS Show
(Pt. 2):

Dr. Hal plays the Cabin Boy on the Hindenburg as KrOB provides the Sound while the STARS &
GARTERS beauties, Jessy, Jessy & Claire present their puppet-&-people Play (Pt. 3):

It just gets better at the STARS & GARTERS Show when Lewd Lingerie-clad Lesbian Antics at the
Beauty Parlor take over the stage. PUZZ-EV also throws in a Special Effects shot, where, thru the
Magick of Backwards Filming, Jessy Face’s clothes actually go back on… What’ll they think of
next? (Pt. 4):

All right, resume normal breathing and watch these Ask Dr. Hal! Show clips…

Pete Goldie documents a recent Asteroid Strike as March 25th’s show gets into gear (Pt. 1):

More from Blake’s Milton starts off the Dr. Hal portion March 25th (Pt. 2):

Then Dr. Hal smokes dope on stage, as urged, and the March 25th show worries Chicken
as it  becomes “psychedelic” (Pt. 3):

Chicken demands that Dr. Hal answer 3 questions at once– in ex tempore verse! What
happened? It was March 25th (Pt. 4):

Pete Goldie blazes like a supernova as he opens on March 18th (Pt. 1):

Frank Chu & Laser-equipped Unicorns occupy Dr. Hal after his entrance as the questions
start on March 18th (Pt. 2):

Chicken is busted for Twittering during the show & we land on the Moon once more on March
18th (Pt. 3):

Underdog (cartoon character) occupies us, along with bickering hillbillies on March 18th (Pt. 4):

Pete Goldie blazes a trail as the show begins, detailing the Kepler Mission on March 11th (Pt. 1):

More of Blake’s Milton and a visit from Frank Chu swings the Show into magnum motion
March 11th (Pt. 2):

Now, dream about hornet stings, how to get laid, SubGenius pedigrees, Spy’s KroB moment,
personal food waste size, Frank Chu’s terms and whether or not the 8-Ball knows anything, from
March 11th (Pt. 3):

For the last of the courtly poets, some Shelley, a one-armed Viking problem and yet more poetry
finish our excerpt from March 11th (Pt. 4):

Pete Goldie Peers at Comet 134340; Chicken’s recommendations on Baby & Child Care
start things March 4th (Pt. 1):

Satan’s panties & Superman’s orgasm are highlighted after more of Blake’s Milton March 4th (Pt. 2):

Making the best of a bad assignment, Dr. Hal improvises poetically on Politics & Economics
March 4th (Pt. 3):

Micturation apprehended is seen as a question, as is the Nature of the Conspiracy March 4th (Pt. 4):

The show launches with Chicken’s Monologue and Pete Goldie’s paideutic presentation; we
examine the surface of the planet Mars and look at active Neutron Stars February 25th (Pt. 1):

Midget cover bands, Hillbilly interference, and Frank Chu all contribute on February 25th (Pt. 2):

SubGenius propaganda leads the ADH onslaught on February 25th (Pt. 3):

The Skeleton in Armor closes the show with the saga of a Viking’s life and death on February
25th (Pt. 4):

Pete Goldie puts out a Church Air-flavored Science Sizzler @ ADH, more, on February 18th – The
first part:

The Price of scrap steel and stock analysis from Chicken intros Dr. Hal’s Wm. Blake recitation on
February 18th in (Pt. 2):

More of February 18th’s hard-hitting Hal Show hammers the point(s) home (Pt. 3) including the
dread KrOB Moment:

Chicken gets a giant spider in the U.S. Mail and welcomes Pete Goldie in the first
of two parts from ADH on February 11th (Pt. 1):

Frank Chu appears like a wandering ghost to haunt our rain-dogged Feb. 11th folly
(Pt. 2), more:

Just get an eyeload of the first part of February 4th’s febrile free-for-all (Pt. 1):

Now permit yourself a peek at the next cheering chunk from Puzz-Ev TV (Pt. 2):

Observe now the orisons of the terminal trefoil tingle of Feb. 4th’s farandole (Pt. 3):

Scrutinize spectacular samples from our circuitous circus on January 28th (Pt. 1):

Peruse the second part of January 28th’s nonpareil Nonesuch (Pt. 2):

The third part & 2nd iteration of Jan. 28th’s performance sensation (Pt. 3):

View variegated visions from our proactive presentation in mid-January of this young year
January 14th (Pt. 1):

The second part of PUZZ-EV’s commanding compilation of the best of ADH’s mid-month
marvel (Pt. 2):

Here’s the skinny on the first show of 2009, in You Tube Edit form, January 7th (Pt. 1):

The second helping of our succulent show smorgasbord (Pt. 2):

Look & wonder as you observe pivotal occurrences from our last show of the year (New Year’s
Eve) December 31st (Pt. 1):

The second half of PUZZ-EV’s hard-hitting slice of our New Year’s omnivorous omnibus (Pt. 2):

Gaze now at this exceptional edit, excerpted from our recent exhilarating December 24th
performance (Pt. 1):

Behold the second half of the exciting “extreme” excerpt of the show on December 24th
(Pt. 2):

Scope out outré out-takes from our December 17th serendipitous show:

Take in tantalizing tid-bits from our December 10th show. Try clicking on this:

Peer at picturesque portions picked from our December 3rd show. Click on this, or, if that
doesn’t work, just cut and paste it into your browser:

Audit choice fragments from our November 26th show on You Tube, courtesy of Puzzling
Evidence. SEE Chicken unfairly berate KrOB. HEAR Dr. Hal as he wanders farther afield
even than usual in his meandering “answers” to several questions. Just go to:

See selected clips from November 19th’s show. Warning to Parents:
Chicken really ladles out those !!?@#$%?!! cuss-words.
Go to:

For those who would like to indulge themselves in one final wallow in the mire of partisan
politics from last year’s endless-seeming Presidential election, check out this
ultra-entertaining (Adult-themed) Puzzling Evidence video clip from the late ADH Pirate
Cat radio show featuring Dr. Hal, KrOB, Pete “Savant” Goldie and the additional appearance
of special guests Presidential Candidate John McTaint and vivacious wife Sindi McTaint.
Yowza! Go to:

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