ASK Dr. HAL 2.0– Conversations Withe Dr. Hal– No. 2!

May 4th, 2009


“Ask Dr. Hal! 2.0: Conversations with Dr. Hal!”

Street, 24th Street at Treat, A F T E R   N I N E Admission $10.00 or what you can… no
one turned away… full bar

“Ask Dr. Hal! 2.0: Conversations With Dr. Hal” appears again at the Bluesix Acoustic
Room. This time the role of absent founder Chicken John, now en route to Slovenia to
expand his empire, will be noted Subgenius personality Dr. Philo Drummond, known
from the Puzzling Evidence radio show on KPFA 94.1 FM radio and as a founder of
the SubGenius sect. A 3-D movie dealing with dreams and the mysteries of the occult,
The Mask of Doom will be shown, and special glasses will be distributed to our audience
free of charge for their viewing entertainment. We also offer the traditional Monster Movie
Clip, featuring a scientific and educational battle between a prehistoric dragon and a giant
albino gorilla– narrated, of course, by Dr. Hal. Bardic poetic recitations performed, Fernet
shots dispensed; all questions answered. Just don’t bring your own refreshment– that’s
frowned on here– and do patronize the bar.


Our first show away from our home at the Chez Poulet Gallery-Cabaret attracted a small but devoted
audience. There were some newcomers, too, but we certainly noted those who had faith in us & in our
ability to keep the
show going in Chicken‘s absence. And they have our deepest gratitude, since we
appreciate their loyalty
in this time of trial while we make this stuff up as we go along… First and foremost,
to our guest Chicken, remarkable Robin Coomer, any amt. of thanx wd. be inadequate. But she was all that
one could hope for in the demanding role of Chicken (which takes so much more than a moustache, a hat
& an attitude). The
show was a success, from what we hear– and we think she should get the lion’s share of
the credit. But then, jocund John Hell in the role of kreative KrOB, and rococo Robert Levy in the difficult part
of Digitally devious David Capurro are also most deserving of praise… The Bluesix Acoustic Room is an
intimate little place with far less crowd capacity than the old Chez Poulet, but it felt right somehow as the
combination of assembled talents swung the
show into magnum motion… Boffo boffin “Ptolemy” Pete
had everybody ooh-ing & ahh-ing at his spectackular
Slide Show of Artist’s Conceptions of Gamma
Ray Bursts
& other unviewable stellar phenomena… Stellar in her own way, vivacious vixen the jocose
Justin Credible cheered from the sidelines… we also appreciated delectable Dawn Stott, joyful Janet Nia &
curvy Clara Fortner… Man-abt.-town Michael Peppe, a future Chicken @ this gathering, got well into the spirit
(& spirits) as the eve progressed… Persistent Paul Pot was there angling for those precious free Fernet shotz…
Our old fellow-traveler Tech-master Tyler, of Brown Whorenet fame (his band) raised plenty of the right kind of
hell… speaking of which, jaunty John Hell channeled his inner KrOB piping in music-a-plenty… Mr. Hell, our
once and future partner in such affairs as the fabled & forthcoming
Power Tool Drag Races (watch for ’em this
year) & the
Escape From Berkeley Non-Petroleum Powered Race (ditto– this time it’s not to Vegas as in ’08,
but to the Mexican border!) did acknowledge just how hard it was to be as adept as KrOB in the Apt Musical
Selection dept., tho’ we think he did a crackerjack job… Also worthy of kudos, righteous Robert Levy did an
Image Mining dauntless Dave Capurro himself wd. have approved of… Fearless Frank Chu didn’t let anyone
down… WORTHY OF NOTE: FAINEANT FOLLIES: The Era of Nonchalance is at hand! If you know what that
means (or would like to), have we got a project for you! Go to Dolores Park at any time. Bring a radio. Once
you’re there,
tune it to
107.9 FM. Yes, when you’re in upper Dolores Park, you can listen to a continuous
forty-five minute specially engineered
Dr. Hal broadcast (there called Commander 14), running 24-7
on FM radio,
107.9 FM in (((stereo))). And it doesn’t stop there… There were some new faces we will probably
come to know & list in these pages… Puzzling Evidence recorded us for posterity– or at least for You Tube…SEE THE SHOW on YOU TUBE! The latest posting (featuring Special Guest Performer Zero Boy): 

SEE HOURS & HOURS of Ask Dr. Hal! on You Tube! Just type in the search words: Puzzling Evidence.

Thanks to all who followed us to our new show!

See you at the Bluesix Acoustic Room– Wednesday Night!