Sunday, January 12th, 2014

by Blintley Splervot

SAN FRANCISCO – An entirely new Ask Dr. Hal! Show is headed for the Dark Room Theater, 2263 Mission Street, and debuts Saturday night (once again, we couldn’t get a Friday), courtesy of Dramaturge Emeritus and quondam ADH Host Jim Fourniadis and Wigglesworth Productions. The show will begin at the now-usual start-time of 10 PM, and admission will still be an insignificant $5– Five Dollars.

Host for Ask Dr. Hal! this time around will be Dr. Fiasco, famed “Brazilian Astronaut” and Editor of the Spock Science Monitor in Black Rock City. The celebrated Bon Vivant will bring a welcome light touch to the question-and-answer goings on– a traditionalist where ADH is concerned, Fiasco intends, we have learned, to bring back many features which have languished undone in recent iterations of these performances. The KrOB Moment, Two-Minute Dance Party and other segments which the  cultish devotees of the long-running night club act may have noticed have been prominent by their absence are expected to appear again in their newest gloss under Fiasco’s tutelage.

Poet Rusty Rebar wll be on hand to propitiate the Muses with an appropriate Invocation.

Jazz Singer Christine Uomini will lead off the night with a musical set designed to stimulate the audience and harmonize with the concept of the show.

Performance Poet Whitman McGowan will re-appear after too long an absence to favor the ADH attendees with a dynamic new creation.

These additions will augment our regular features, such as…

Prevailing theory suggests that cosmic rays are accelerated to energies of billions, even trillions
of electron volts– by the expanding shock waves generated when massive stars explode. You’ll
instantly comprehend this in one flaring blast of comprehension, not unlike the searing flash that
announced the beginning of the Atomic Age, the very moment you hear ADH Science Solon Pete
Goldie expound on gamma ray bursts, and how cosmic rays with even higher energies are thought
to be powered by supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies (our own galaxy, the Milky
Way, has one of these). Kinks in a galaxy’s magnetic field keep cosmic ray particles perpetually
bouncing back and forth between the advancing shock wave and the immediately anterior region–
revving them up, as it were, to these high energy levels. Who knows? Perhaps gamma-ray emissions
from starburst galaxies peak at the energy generated when a certain subatomic particle known as a
neutral pion decays into two gamma rays. These galactic pions can be generated only by cosmic-ray
collisions. Pete, a student of the evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology, and motion of celestial
objects, as well as the formation and future development of the universe itself, also isn’t beyond a nod
to high-energy physics to make his point. And, with computer-jockey Sherilyn Connelly’s assistance,
he usually also illustrates his presentation with rare pictures of strange worlds in our own Solar
System. A Dr. Hal Show Extra-Special Featurette. 

With Monster Movie Moment, Fernet Giveaway, Klassic KrOB Kartune and a plethora of Surprise Mystery Guests.

Come One, Come All. Doors at 9:30 PM; show at 10 PM. Two blocks from B.A.R.T.’s 16th St. Station. Candy and Refreshments. Tiered Seating. Two bathrooms. Dog and cat on premises. Rated Best of the Bay in the SF Weekly.

Come and be a part of it!