Sunday, December 29th, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s official: the next Ask Dr. Hal! Show will go on the boards on another Saturday (no Friday bookings are yet available) on January 18th, the first show of year 2014. The all-new show will feature some exciting new guests, who will variously perform revealing burlesque turns and euphonious musical acts–  negotiations are now proceeding. Still at The Dark Room Theater at 2263 Mission Street between 19th and 18th Streets, start time will once again be 10 PM. Admission price will remain five dollars. Watch this space for new developments!

ADH’s Dr. Hal to Proctor Shibari Drawing Session

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

On December 11th, Dr. Hal will be the “Featured Artist” at a sketch session devoted to the
Japanese visual arts tradition of Shibari. Attendees will be drawing from models, as in other art
but with a difference. The models, beautiful and breathtakingly
unclothed, will be expertly trussed up with tightly tied ropes, in positions which, though
undignified in the extreme, are nonetheless said to be strangely arousing and highly provocative.

During the session, Dr. Hal will be walking around the room,
supposedly looking at your sketches and giving art tips. All interested artists are invited to
the group and create life drawings– emphasis is on the unique poses, physical tension, and
eroticism that is expressed in the revealed, bound human form…

Shibari Sketch
encourages a collaborative atmosphere wherein painters, rope artists, and models
can explore the aesthetics of BDSM imagery together.  The art of life drawing provides a kind of
meditative focus, they say, that allows the bondage to happen at a contemplative pace. An on-site
Audience is invited to watch the scene, and has the opportunity to purchase the original drawings.

Remember, Christmas is right around the corner! What better gift for Dad than your painstaking
of a beautiful, nude girl writhing in rope bondage, offered up to the merciless eye
of the viewer?

Each Shibari Sketch Session consists of a “Featured Scene” that is a center-stage
modeling session,
with expert rope artists and unforgettable models.  Additionally, this session
includes a “Sketch Salon” that is open to all rope artists and models and encourages spontaneous
creativity and collaboration as well as the opportunity to practice the arts more informally, to say
the least.

At The Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission St between Washburn and 10th, San
Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 8:00 PM. Cost: $20.00 regular, $15.00 students.
Tickets at door only. Event, needless to say, is for adults (18 and over).