Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

The Ask Dr. Hal! Show for November is on a Saturday, November 23rd– at The Dark Room Theatre, 2263 Mission St. (between 19th and 18th streets). Curtain time is 10 PM, with doors open at around 9:45 PM. Admission $5.00.

Featured guest performers for the show include Linda Robertson, violinist and tale-spinner, who, fresh from her last visit to her native England, makes a triumphant return to our stage.

Poet Rusty Rebar, who monthly co-ordinates Sunset Poetry in Sausalito, will provide a brief opening benediction.

Whitman McGowan, poet and performer, has been a figure in the S.F. Bay Area’s avant community for years. Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Magazine, he also appears (as does Dr. Hal) at the Dragon’s Breath Fire Festival in Point Arena, California, among may other venues. He promises a musico-poetic interlude for Ask Dr. Hal!

Pete Goldie anchors us to the world of Astronomy with his long-running, perennially popular Space Science Report.

Sherilyn Connelly handles the I.T. needs of the show; she brings up congruent imagery from the Internet to project in real time during the performance.

Without KrOB, the show would be unspeakably less than it is; his soundscapes and provoking visual acuity further enliven the proceedings on our stage-wide screen. In addition, KrOB judiciously selects a favorite animated cartoon to initiate the show, as well as a special edit from his almost infinite collection of Monster Movie Moments– culminating in a profound result…

Jim Fourniadis, both dramaturge and author (The King Lives), who manages The Dark Room, steps into the rôle of Show Host to replace John Hell –though previously advertised, Mr. Hell,  who famously hosted the Power Tool Drag Races with Dr. Hal back in the day, was unaccountably called “downstairs” to take care of pressing business (sinner squassation) in the Infernal Regions. Jim, however, will keep matters well in hand; he too has a history with Ask Dr. Hal! as a prior Host. Now he brings his mordant wit and judicial impartiality to keeping the show’s ever-more-disorderly ducks in a righteous row.

Professional question-answerer Dr. Hal is in training for what may be his greatest challenge yet. Audience tip: Pre-prepare your questions! Get them ready before you come in to the show– and we will accommodate you.

Special Mystery Guests are promised, but at present not yet finalized; they may include a famous local Performance Artist from the Eighties whom we count as a National Treasure. And, perhaps, another often-controversial artist, known for her ability to stir up excitement (among other things) also may be among us– let’s wait and see for now…

Admission is only $5.00. Yes, you read it right– Five Dollars. Where else can you receive two hours plus of recondite entertainment for a price which would be inadequate to buy anything other than a bacon-wrapped hot dog (often available alfresco directly outside the venue from a colorful street entrepreneur). These viands have even been known to tempt gourmand Pete Goldie; perhaps they can satisfy the Inner Man (or Woman) within YOU. In addition, questions recognized by our Show Host as being of exceptional quality are often rewarded, at once and in situ, with a mind-numbing shot of deliciously horrible high-test Fernet Branca, the Miracle Liquid.

Come one, come all. Comfortable seating on risers. Two bathrooms. Doors open circa 9:30-9:45. Rated Best of the Bay in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. An Entertainment tradition since 1998. Be there!