Monday, October 14th, 2013

Yes, it’s that time again. The Ask Dr. Hal! Show will go on the boards at San Francisco’s Dark Room Theatre, 2263 Mission St. between 18th & 19th streets– YOUR PLACE for recondite entertainment in the Mission. For a mere, inconsequential FIVE DOLLARS, YOU can… ASK DR. HAL! But that’s by no means all, friends. This show is top-loaded with top-notch talent– some of the best entertainers whoever came toddling down the pike. Behold– we’ve got Kate Willett, comedy sensation! Rusty Rebar will declaim to the lute-like accompaniment of lovely Madeline Tasquin! Spy Emerson plans to send her act in by Western Union! And there’s so much more, O best beloved– from Pete Goldie’s Space Science Report and Sherilyn Connelly’s IT Illustrations-on-the-spot to Juan Rapido’s historic hosting and KrOB’s towering technical effects. Bardic Recitations, Monster Movie Moment, Krazy Kartune, Free Fernet Shots (for good queries) and 2-Minute Dance Party… the fun never stops, never flops. Come one, come all. Doors open at 9:45 (after the D.R.’s presentation of FIREFLY); show at 10 PM. What’s not to like? (That’s a Rhetorical Question.)