FORMAT CHANGE: Ask Dr. Hal! Radio Show now 10 PM – Midnight

Monday, February 7th, 2011


The Ask Dr. Hal! Show will be “dark” until at least the middle of March. Until we re-appear, follow us on radio on Radio Valencia 87.9 FM as before on Friday nights. However, the show now begins at 10 PM, not, as before, 8 PM. How did this come to be?

It’s all because the radio station has taken on many new programs and hosts, all refugees from ham-handed corporate-mandated changes…


For 33 years, KUSF in San Francisco was an essential voice on the Bay Area FM airwaves,  featuring unusually diverse, avant-garde music and a broad range of cultural programming not heard elsewhere on the dial.

But on January 18, 2011, the University of Southern California announced a deal with Entercom Communications to acquire the call sign, programming and intellectual property of longtime “classical” music outlet KDFC-FM— and began airing that station’s programming on the 90.3 FM frequency (as well as on also-acquired KNDL).

KUSF‘s longtime famously free-form and eclectic student-run format was abruptly dropped from the 90.3 FM frequency following the announcement of the station’s sale,  a $3.75 million deal that transfers KUSF’s 90.3 FM frequency to “classical” music station KDFC, just purchased by a University of Southern California-controlled nonprofit. KDFC‘s old frequency, 102.1, is being taken over by rock station KUFX.

This move is said to be part of a larger deal that still requires Federal Communications Commission approval. Please note that the organization saveKUSF is fighting to block the sale of the broadcasting rights to 90.3FM.

The university plans to make KUSF an online-only entity. Although KUSF enjoyed a mix of students and volunteers from the community, those or any other volunteers will not have a role with the on-line KUSF.

And so it is that many who had shows on KUSF have come to Radio Valencia, 87.9 FM, where they’ve been welcomed. There they can continue their programming, and Radio Valencia is all the better for it.


The Ask Dr. Hal! Show at Chez Poulet is, for the time being, suspended, but will return in the near future after a series of relocations, readjustments and recalculations.

The Ask Dr. Hal! Show on Radio, formerly 8:00 – Midnight on Friday nights on  Radio Valencia, 87.9 FM, is still to be found on Friday nights. But it has been shortened by two hours as a result of these changes. The first two hours are now given to famed radio personality Dennis Scheyer, known on the air as Dennis the Menace, late of KUSF: at 8 PM, tune in for “Menace’s Warm-up” –a mix of new, innovative rock. At 9 PM, listen to “The Menace’s Attic.” Then at 10 PM the Ask Dr. Hal! Show begins, running for the next two hours. Please join us (And feel free to call in on the air, at (415) 875-9051).

For information concerning Radio Valencia and the Ask Dr. Hal! Radio Show, go to

Keep watching this space for the latest on the return of the live night club sensation, the Ask Dr. Hal! Show!



An online show of mathematician-artist Adam Alexander‘s  digital art may now be viewed at

These visual creations are expressions of mathematical ideas, not arbitrary digital fancies. For this reason, Alexander may be considered a poet of Nature, since underlying the work is the structure of ultimate reality seen in the realm of numbers. The aesthetic appeal of the pieces suggests some form of transcendence, a key to the strikingly individual personality of the cosmos.

“Mathematicality,” digital artwork by Adam Alexander launched online on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, at

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