Saturday, August 28th, 2010


the Hibernian Steam Empire…

The previous address given for the location of this camp has been invalidated. It seems the BRDPW “requisitioned” our old one. But I, Dr. Howland Owll, will welcome all visitors & well-wishers at 3:30 & “F.” Look for the steam-powered Victorian house on wheels. [It turned out to be 3:30 & I, Istanbul. –Ed.]

After Tuesday I will reside at Happyland, Esplanade to Athens at 6:30, until I depart, probably on Thursday.


The ADH Radio Show has now run for five tempestuous episodes. Follow along at radiovalencia.fm – we will eventually also be doing an actual FM broadcast on 87.9 FM. Catch the show between 8 PM & Midnight, Fridays.

Episode I – Liberty Hall

Featuring Puzzling Evidence & KrOB. We take questions, give answers, & explore & enlarge the Noosphere. With Pete “Doc” Goldie & the Dr. Hal Dancers.

Episode II – Sex & Lewdness

Featuring Dr. Hal, KrOB, Puzzling Evidence & Pete Goldie. As promised, the show dives into an abyss of sleazy vulgarity, with larruping lashings of lubricitous lewdness. Not for children or those easily shocked.

Episode III – The Living Skeleton

Featuring  Dr. Hal, KrOB, Puzzling Evidence, Pete Goldie & Chicken John, with call-in from David Capurro. Episode concludes with a dramatization by Dr. Hal of Robert Frost’s “The Witch of Coos.”

Episode IV – Ze Potpourri

Pendant Dr. Hal voyager a desert plus horrible, KrOB et Evidence Embarrassant preparer le show, avec Pete Goldie et autres. Ils employer les CDs de embarras de richesse…

Episode V – Malt More than Milton

Returned from the hellish “Playa,” Dr. Hal combines forces with KrOB to produce a valedictory for those who survived by resisting the summoning voices of the fiendish afreets & djinn of the alkaline desert wastes of horror. “Aunt Bertha” once again is invoked, and John Milton has his innings. But the appearance of Pete Goldie with welcome beverages does more to justify the ways of “Bob” to Man.


Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Ask Dr. Hal! has started as a radio broadcast on the newest Pirate station in S.F., Radio Valencia.Located at the Chez Poulet Gallery-Cabaret on Cesar Chavez, the new studio, home for the time being to ADH, was recently constructed by Chicken John and his Myrmidons.

The Ask Dr. Hal! Show now may be heard each Friday night from 9 PM to Midnight, sometimes starting as early as 8 PM. On hand (usually) are KrOB, Pete Goldie and archivist Puzzling Evidence, eponymous host of the show that bears his name early (3-5 AM!) Friday mornings on Pacifica Radio’s KPFA, 94.1 FM in Berkeley, a show now in its twenty-sixth year on the air.

About that– the on-the-air thing– Radio Valencia‘s just getting started and in point of fact is not yet actually broadcasting, so to speak. While we’re still in extended start-up mode– and starting up a radio station of any kind is no simple undertaking –we’re podcasting, not (yet) broadcasting. To hear these podcasts, go to

radiovalencia fm.

The show is, as much as we can make it, the radio version of the once and future night club act, Ask Dr. Hal! Ask your questions by calling in to our studio at

(415) 531-2029  

while the show is going on. This number is invalid at any other time.

Eventually, according to Chicken, the  live show will be back–   and when it returns to the boards at Chez Poulet, he has recently asserted, it will still be a radio show, broadcast before a live audience. Aside from this newest feature, that show will be, once again, the well-known quantity (and quality)  audiences have come to expect. See you there!   


It’s That Time of Year again, and, as in other years, I, Dr. Hal, will soon be, as they say, “on the Playa.” For those who know what this means, feel free to visit– I will be with the Steampunks at the Neverwas Haul camp of Shannon and Kathy Tucker O’Hare. Look for us at around 4:30 and “D.” 

I will reside there until Tuesday after the Burn, after which time I’ll be at Happyland, 6:30 and Esplanade. After Wednesday I will return to the “Default World.”

Come see my spoken-word performance on Friday at Noon in Center Camp Cafe on the ancillary stage.

And don’t miss my main show, the People’s Fashion Show– the reason I’m at Burning Man to begin with. This is (always) held on Saturday, the Day of the Burn, 5-7 on the Main Stage of CCC.

Come to see the show– or be in it! I, Dr. Hal, welcome one and all.